Vancouver ChapterOur chapter works to preserve the aviation history and heritage of the province of British Columbia. To achieve this, we hold monthly meetings that vary from guest speakers, slide shows, power point presentations, videos, and trivia quizzes.  Come out, and enjoy an evening of entertainment and learning with fellow aviation enthusiasts of all ages!


Meeting and Membership Information

Meetings: Second Monday of every month (except February, July, August, and statutory holidays)
Location: Richmond Cultural Centre, 7700 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond, British Columbia (See Map)
Time: 1900 Hours
Landing Fee: $2
Annual Fee:  $15

  • Chapter Mailing Address

    CAHS Vancouver
    3489 Lakedale Avenue
    Burnaby, British Columbia,
    V5A 3E2

    Vancouver Executive

    Jerry Vernon
    President - Vancouver Chapter
    (604) 420-6065
    Burnaby, BC
    Keith Wade
    Meeting Convener
    (604) 985-6202
    Jim Jorgenson
    Treasure - Vancouver

  • Upcoming Meeting Information - CAHS Vancouver Chapter

    Monday March 9, 2015

    1900 hours (7 pm)

    Main Floor of the Richmond Cultural Centre, Board Room
    (Down the hall to the right, behind the main Auditorium)

    Video evening, featuring the Victoria-produced DVD Seventy-One Years - The Loss and Discovery of Anson L7056.
    *Please note - a different film will be shown if we experience technical difficulties.

  • Upcoming Meeting Information 2015

    Monday, 12 Jan
    Monday, 09 Mar
    Monday, 13 Apr
    Monday, 11 May
    Monday, 08 Jun
    Monday, 14 Sep
    Monday, 09 Nov
    Monday, 14 Dec

Vancouver Meetings

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