Mystery Airman ID Winner and Bits about Spits

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1 Hi Everyone,

Richard Goette says he’s got a winner for the “Mystery Airman ID” in the last newsletter: Clark Seaborn from Calgary, Alberta! Don’t worry, we’ve got another “Mystery Airman ID” in the works for next month (and another convention beverage up for grabs)…but boy, you have to be quick on the draw with this group!

In the meantime, can you help a fellow CAHS-er with who might have been the pilot(s) of the aircraft with the white rudder below, or any other pertinent details? Please email Almont with any info at


Speaking of Spits, I spotted the following in a recent Pionairs Netletter:


“It's an ambitious plan, but a group of pilots based at Enstone Flying Club in the U.K. hopes to build a dozen 90-percent-scale Spitfire replicas by the end of next year. The result will be a ‘living history’ squadron of aircraft that will perform at events around the U.K. The Supermarine MK26B Spitfires will be built from all-aluminum kits by teams of up to 12 builders and pilots. Fractional ownership options from one-twelfth to full ownership of each airplane will be available. Builders also can opt to be trained in formation flying skills. The group hopes to have the squadron ready in time to perform at the Farnborough Air Show in 2012.”


Hope you enjoy the rest of your month and that spring has sprung in your corner of the world...


Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

CAHS National President




March 10, 2011

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