Tom Lamb: “Mr. North”

Bill Zuk

Tom Lamb was born into a frontier life and imprinted with the lore and spirit of that bygone time. He became Manitoba’s greatest bush pilot but also a conservation and environmental advocate for the north; a successful businessman and entrepreneur; and the tireless promoter and patriarch of a great flying family. To the people of the Arctic and sub-Arctic, he was “Mr. North,” and from 1935 to 1981, the company he founded, Lambair, became synonymous with northern aviation.

Bill Zuk is an author, filmmaker, photographer and artist, with a passion for aviation history. He has been published extensively in aviation magazines worldwide, served as editor of Manitoba Aviation, and has published several aviation titles including: True-life Adventures of Canada’s Bush Pilots, (2009); Janusz Zurakowski: A Legend in the Skies (2007);The Avro Arrow Story, (2006). He also built a flying saucer for the Discovery Canada television documentary, Avrocar: Flying Saucer Secrets of the Past, which now resides at the Western Canada Aviation Museum. For more details, click here.