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CAHS National President Chatelaine's Maverick of the Year!

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In July, I found I was a finalist for Chatelaine's Women of the Year Awards. Thanks to your online voting efforts, I am very excited to say they announced yesterday that I am the 2011 Maverick of the Year!

This is so exciting for the CAHS, for Canadian aviation heritage, and maybe even Canadian aviation more generally. After all, Chatelaine has a circulation of roughly 500,000: a lot of new eyes (and potential new members)!

I read recently that only about 5% of pilots for Air Canada and WestJet are women, and it's about the same for private pilots in our country. Our Society sits at about 10% currently. I think the two are connected as I know so many of our members are former pilots, aircraft engineers, managers, and so on. I hope this article helps to make aviation in all its guises - past, present, and future - seen as a viable option for women.

Thanks again for your support!


Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

CAHS National President



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