helene girard 300Hélène Girard

What is your artistic background ?
I have been painting since 1997, starting from a few sketches to the discovery of the world of colors and shapes in acrylic. For many years I have worked to develop a distinctive style. Living in the Canadian North for over 20 years has been my inspiration to paint.

Why do you like to paint aircraft?
My favourite subject – and the one that brings me the most inspiration – has been aircraft for many years. I have this fascination with the world of aviation. It is part of everyday life in the North. It has given me the desire to paint aviation in all sorts of ways.

What is your connection to aviation?
Many members of my family own airplanes and helicopters. At one point I co-owned a Citabria. I have had the opportunity to fly many different types of aircraft while I lived in the North for work and for pleasure.

How do you choose a subject?
Over the years I have had many special requests by companies and individuals to produce works of art of all types of aviation subjects: military, recreational and business, airplanes and helicopters. I take photographs whenever I can of aircraft for future reference or inspiration. Usually I prefer to place the subject in a northern or Arctic environment. I like to believe it is my specialty and I am always open to new ideas.

What are your favourite media to work with?
I mostly work in acrylics. I love the versatility of this medium. It can be applied in many different ways and is easy to handle.

Originaire de Chicoutimi, Hélène passe la grande partie de son enfance au Bas St-Laurent Gaspésie. Elle entreprend l'étude du violon dès l'âge de 4 ans. La musique qui sera au centre de sa vie pendant de nombreuses années, restera toujours une source de satisfaction et d'inspiration.

Il y a quelques années Hélène découvre la peinture. C'est avec beaucoup de persévérance qu'elle travaille à développer un style unique. Le Grand Nord où elle a vécu pendant plus de 20 années, endroit aux paysages fantastiques, deviendra une source d'inspiration inépuisable.

Œuvres d'un moment, d'un passage ou d'un souvenir. Une façon subtile de parler au cœur des gens. De faire vivre une aventure. En combinant les couleurs de sa palette et les images du monde de l'aviation, elle s'est produite à de nombreuses expositions entre autre au Musée de l'aviation de Ottawa.

Helene réside présentement à Gatineau.