Photo ID Requested


I dropped in to your convention in Hamilton with some post cards of an unidentified location. You offered to put them on a site that your members could see and maybe we would finally have an identification as to location.

The person who wrote on the back did not identify the location or give any clues. A calendar on the wall appears to date it to about 1944. One of the ladies appears to be dressed as a nurse (image 04).

The captions on the back are as follows....

Unknown Location and Building 01

Unknown Location & Building 01 - This is the outside of the staff house. My room is marked by the arrow. Jack

Unknown Location and Building 02

Unknown Location & Building 02 - This is the lounge. You can see the tobacco stand and billiard tables on the sides. Jack

Unknown Location and Building 03

Unknown Location & Building 03 - This is the bowling alley. Jack

Unknown Location and Building 04

Unknown Location & Building 04 - And this is the dining hall. Jack

Unknown Location and Building 05

Unknown Location & Building 05 - This is the writing room. Jack

Unknown Location and Building 06

Unknown Location & Building 06 - This is our soda bar which is directly in front of the bowling alley. Jack

If you are able to assist us, we would be very grateful and of course give credit when the cards are shown or talked about.

I thank you for your assistance, and should you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact me. My personal information supplied below may be given out if people wish to contact me directly.

Jon Soyka
President, Golden Horseshoe Post Card Club
119 Tyrone Drive
Ontario, L9C 2M9

Phone: 905-388-5849, email: