Additional Photos from the 2015 CAHS Annual Convention

Photos courtesy of Gord McNulty

image6 570

Convention attendees are shown arriving at 447 Wing RCAFA to attend the opening Meet and Greet on June 17.

image7 570

CAHS President Gary Williams climbs into the CWHM Cornell to enjoy a flight during the Skyfest on June 21, 2015.

image1 570

Wayne Ready, right, of the Canadian Warplane Heritage discusses the museum's Bolingbroke project during the CWH Skyfest

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Presiding at the 2015 AGM are, from left, Rachel Lea Heide, Gary Williams, Jim Bell and Richard Goette.

image2 570

The rebuilding of a Bolingbroke has been a daunting but worthy challenge for the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

image5 570

Don Coit, left, and a fellow CWHM volunteer, with the Avenger restoration project at the Skyfest on June 21, 2015.

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Matt Schweyer made a presentation on Final Descent, the book written by his father, Rob, during the 2015 CAHS Convention.