Research Request

Sound Venture Productions (in Ottawa) is producing a three part documentary about aviation in World War I.  The first part is largely about reconnaissance pilots and aerial cartography, and then we turn to some of the Flying Aces. We are profiling six pilots, including: Arthur Roy Brown, Andrew McKeever, Donald MacLaren, Carl Falkenberg, Joseph Fall, and the sixth is a little up in the air (so to speak).

We wanted a pan-Canadian look at our national WWI heroes, but we're having difficulty with Quebec. We started with Clarence MacLaurin, but the Director decided to change to Gerald Birks (grandson of Henry Birks, jewelry icon) due to difficulty finding sources to talk about the legacy of MacLaurin. Unfortunately, we're having the same challenge with Birks. We've done quite well with finding sources on all the other pilots, but finding Quebec-related sources has been more challenging. We're also looking into Stanley Stanger and William McKenzie Thompson.

If you or someone you know is able to talk about the contributions of a Quebec Flying Ace, that is our top priority at this point. We are also looking for photos, videos, and artifacts of all of the pilots I've listed, so if you know of any good resources it would be a great help.

The link to our production is for more insight on the project. You can also contact me with any questions.

Kristen McNaule
Production Coordinator

Sound Venture Productions
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Ottawa, ON K2P 2H3
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