Research Request

"Did you work at RAF* Clinton during the Second World War? Are you or do you know of such a veteran who may still be living nearby? We are especially in need of veterans who were there during the very early period of the war (1941-1944) and still have memories of working on radar technology and the radar training school while Station Clinton was part of the Royal Air Force (RAF). Do you know of a veteran who did so, and who would like to talk about it?

CBC is currently researching the village of Vanastra and its former military history. A decision or a commitment to such a project has not yet been made. Nevertheless, if you are one of those veterans, or you know of such a veteran, AND, the veteran lives in close proximity, please give every consideration to contacting their Researcher, either by e-mail ( ) or by phone (Toronto): 416-324-8537 ext. 293.

The deadline for contacting the researcher with your contact information, or contact information for the veteran in question, is Wednesday 28 October 2015. Thank you for considering this important research issue."

*Use of the term "RAF", rather than "RCAF", is the Researcher's intent.