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Twenty-Five Great Canadian Aviators

Legion cover

A special publication by Legion Magazine, called Twenty-Five Great Canadian Aviators, is now on the newsstands. It carries stories and photos about some of the best-known names and most accomplished individuals in Canadian aviation. Of the twenty-five, twelve have been inducted as Members of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame. One of the women included is retired LCol Maryse Carmichael, formerly a Snowbird pilot and guest speaker at this year's induction ceremonies for the Hall.

The twenty-five individuals who were selected were chosen by Larry Milberry, himself a Member of the Hall, and a prolific writer and publisher of aviation books. Larry served as guest speaker at this year's wrap-up dinner for the annual convention of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society. The stories in the publication were written by Larry. Colour profile illustrations in features of five significant aircraft in air force service from the Avro 504 to the CF-18 Hornet were created by Terry Higgins, editor of our CAHS Journal.

Pick up your copy now!