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Canadian registered 35mm aircraft slides for sale

I am sure there must be some aviation historians in Canada who would love these slides. I had a count up and there are approximately 370 35mm slides. Kodak film in non-Kodak plastic mounts. Most seem to have been taken around 1978 in Canada and at airshows in the USA. Nearly half of them are Cessnas of all models, the rest are a mix of light aircraft but the collection does not contain any Pipers, Chipmunks, Stinsons, T-6 Harvards, Beechcraft or Ercoupes. Some of the slides have mould marks, mostly in the sky, and some are excellent. All are "serviceable" and most are full frame in good light.


I am asking £100.00 for the collection plus P&P from the UK.
Please contact me via the newsletter editor.

Many thanks,
Tom Singfield, Horsham, UK.