Research Request:

I am a war historian and I am researching a few air combats during the Battle of Britain made by Canadian fighter pilots. I am also writing a book about the JG 26 during the period from July to December, 1940. Unfortunately, I can not find anything about air combat on 7th October 1940, when No. 1 Squadron RCAF lost Hurricane Mk.I P2993/YO-? (FB/Cat. 2 I suppose) piloted by F/O Arthur Deane "Father" Nesbitt. The aeroplane was severely damaged by Bf 109E and force-landed at Biggin Hill. The big problem is the time. Combat sortie made by squadron was certainly at around 13:20 to 14:30, but there could be another one later. If you have any information about this fight, please email me at the address below. Thank you very much.


Tomáš Bouzek