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Brass Poppies

Submitted by Carl Mills

The construction of the 25 poppy Trenton and 15 poppy travelling headstone sets have now been completed.

Five cemeteries were visited in Toronto in February with the traveling set (in the freezing temp) and several 400 Sqn. Honour Roll and a few other (COs, Capt. Roy Brown (Red Baron –WW1) etc.) head stone photos were accomplished.

On Monday, both sets were delivered to the Base Borden Museum for evaluation and construction design review on their 100th anniversary set of 25 brass poppies. The evaluation will determine the final design of the 100th anniversary Base Borden set of 25 poppies. Once details are settled, the Borden set should be completed in about two weeks. At that time, there will be 65 poppies on eight feet of wooded base.

We now have photo contacts for all 33 (37 – 400 Sqn. Hour Roll casualties, and includes one headstone for 400 pilot missing in Lake Ontario) headstones in Canada, the UK and Europe except Wales - thanks everyone.

brass poppies

The above photo shows the completed 25-brass poppies Trenton set on a three-foot wooden base.

At this point, both the traveling and Trenton sets will return to Toronto on Saturday, February 20th.

The next destination for the traveling set (of 15 poppies) will be Windsor and then Regina and Calgary – then to Europe (Holland, Belgium and France) and Brookwood Cemetery (near London, UK) and, hopefully, Wales.