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From the Alberta Aviation Museum:

For immediate release:
Monday June 15, 2016

Aviation Community loses one of its Heroes
Bob Morgan recognized for post-war bravery

Robert Morgan

Bob Morgan on his F-86 Sabre

The Edmonton aviation community has lost one of its legends. Flight Lieutenant (retired) Bob Morgan died on Saturday, June 11th at the age of 85.

During a tour of duty in Europe in 1955, Morgan received the George Medal, awarded for valour not in the face of the enemy. The George Cross is second only to the Victoria Cross. As an F-86 pilot stationed overseas with the RCAF, Morgan had been monitoring other jet pilots taking off and landing when one of them crashed in front of him.

"So I ran over to it and it was in flames and apparently some ammunition was going off," Morgan recalled in an interview last year. Despite the danger, Morgan jumped on the wings and pulled the pilot out.

The citation accompanying the award notes Morgan's “splendid courage and complete disregard for his own safety, ignoring flames and exploding ammunition.” He shrugged off the incident, and the recognition as “A big fuss. Anyone would have done it.”

Morgan went on to a long flying career with the military. After retirement, he spent 19 years as Duty Manager at the City Centre Airport. He was also a long-time volunteer, both in the community and with several military aviation organizations based at the museum.

Last fall Morgan was honoured by having a street named after him in the Village of Griesbach, in North Edmonton.