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Aviation books for sale

Spitfire: Icon of a Nation by Ivan Rendall

283 pages, hardcover

Many great photos – covers all makes - complete history from the S6b – fold out colour pages.
Pristine condition. Less than half the cover price at $25.00

The Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft by Robert Jackson

384 pages, hardcover

Hundreds of pictures of aircraft from Ansaldo Balillia to Zeppelin-Staaken R.VI.
Covers machines from USA, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, USSR, Canada, India, Netherlands, China, South Africa, Spain, Poland and Sweden.
Excellent condition. A real steal at $25.00

For Love and Glory: A Pictorial History of Canada’s Air Forces by J. A. Foster

144 pages, hardcover

From the Burgess-Dunne to the CF-18 at Baden. Many, many pictures. Actually more pictures than text.
A-1 condition! Good value at $15.00

A History of Airlines of Canada by John Blatherwick

262 pages, hardcover

Covers national, international, regional, companies, military, R.C.M.P., and provincial. Gives info on headquarters, major bases, fleet aircraft, colours, and routes. Lists all aircraft registrations and when in service.
Top condition. Willing to let it go at $15.00.


Contact Andy Anderson at: if interested.