Air Force Museum of Alberta Model Collection

By William (Bill) Cameron
Okotoks, AB

The Air Force Museum of Alberta, located in the Military Museums of Calgary, has accepted my donation of 125 models of RCAF WW-II aircraft. All models are 1/72nd scale, and include injection formed and vacuform kits. Some with extensive modifications to create varieties of one type. e.g. Anson Mk. 1, Mk.II and Mk.V.

The collection of the kits, and construction of the models has taken over fifteen years to complete and required years of research. Almost every model has information about the RCAF Unit, the Base, and date of operation. It was my hope that the collection include all the RCAF aircraft of that 1939 to 1945 era; perhaps one or two one-off types may be missing, but the main types are all there.

There were some short-run vacuuform kits that were very hard to find, e.g. Fawn, Fort, Northrop Delta.

Each model has the identity of actual BCATP, Home War Establishment, or Overseas Operations acft., and with serial numbers and Squadron codes. There are several models that were not on RCAF inventory: e.g., Whitley, Stirling – but were flown on operations by RCAF pilots.

Each of the four acrylic units will have a dedication to a WW-II RCAF member – The AF Museum will select those individuals.

The AF Museum has constructed excellent acrylic display units (four) to display the models and keep sticky fingers from damaging them.

Unit 1 BCATP models

Unit 1 - BCATP Models

Unit 2 HWE models

Unit 2 - HWE Models

Unit 3 Operations models

Unit 3 - Operations Models

Unit 4 Operations models

Unit 4 - Operations Models

Supermarine Stranraer

Supermarine Stranraer

Anson Mk I

Avro Anson Mk.I

Avro Anson Mk V

Avro Anson Mk.V

HP Halifax B Mk VII

Handley Page Halifax B.Mk.VII


For a complete listing of the models, please click on the links below:

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R.C.A.F. – Home War Establishment - CANADA - 1939-1945
Bomber-Reconnaissance - 11 aircraft

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan – Canada – 1940-1945
Elementary Flying Training Schools - E.F.T.S. - 8 aircraft