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Dear CAHS National Members:
As I write this (15 September 2016), CAHS Journal’s Vol 53 Number 3 (Winter 2015) and Vol 53 Number 4 (Fall 2015) are now on their way through our printer’s works. By the time you read this, the printed editions will be in the mail, or pretty close to it. Both 53-3 and 53-4 are being mailed together in the same envelope, and should arrive in your mailbox within the coming week or two (depending on the usual Canada Post variables). The digital editions that go out to Online-only Members will be emailed once we have confirmation from the mailing house that the printed editions are on their way.

CAHS Journal Vol 53 2015 CoversComp

Looking back, I reckon that the 2015 publication year featured a good mix of articles. Within it, we managed to include a gamut of aviation activity genres – with articles on the industrial, civilian (both private and commercial), and military aspects of Canadian aviation history. Although the balance appears to be predominantly military, some content, such as Bill Upton’s ongoing “Tutor Emeritus” series, spans all three topic genres, with more material on the civilian and industry sides of the CL-41 story coming in a work-in-progress 2016 publication year (Volume 54) wrap-up piece.

Meanwhile, with a view to rebalancing the genre slate into the later 2016 editions and beyond, I would love to hear from anyone within the readership at large for more material on civil aviation. Historically, the Journal has always enjoyed a strong representation of such stories, but over these last few years, they have been less prolific. We do have a few civil aviation items in the “work in progress” and “under consideration” flags for the 2016-2017 publication years, but having more to draw on would be good. At the same time, I’d like to also express my thanks for the healthy flow of industry and military genre materials that continue to trickle in without too much prodding. Keep ‘em coming!

As it sits right now, 2016 should be our year to catch the Journal’s actual publication dates up to the cover dates again. Volume 54, Numbers 1 (Spring 2016) and 2 (Summer 2016), are the immediate works in progress here. I am aiming to have the advanced draft of the first of these in the proofreaders’ hands by the end of September and the second also at the proofreading-ready point by the time the team is done with the first one, or very soon thereafter. If we can maintain the current tailwind, then this would mean that we could have them both in print production, and maybe even in mailboxes, towards the end of October. Volume 54-3 (Fall 2016) – which is also in progress but in need of more editorial and pictorial work – should then follow before the Christmas / New Years Holiday period. This leaves 54-4 (Winter 2016), which is now at the rudimentary point of articles “blocking in.” Traditionally, the final issue of any given CAHS Journal publication year goes to press within the first week of the subsequent calendar year. Again, assuming all goes to plan over the remainder of 2016, we should be back on that track with 54-4. Your enduring patience in the meantime is very sincerely appreciated.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at what’s coming in the double-issue mailing now in preparation:

Journal 53-3 (Fall 2015):

CAHS 53 3 sidebar bannerThe Last of the Buffalo Beaux - After the Battle, Part 1: Aircrew and Aircraft

After documenting the recce and combat phases of this 24 March 1945 strike mission in the Summer (Vol 53 No 2) edition, Terry Higgins provides an account of the aftermath with regard to the aircrews lost.

Canadair’s Tutor-Emeritus - Part 5: The Tutor Aerial Demonstration Teams
This installment focuses on the demonstration team aspect of the Tutor’s career in Canadian military service. By Bill Upton
Note that the author’s account of his flight with the Canadian Forces Snowbirds demonstration team is also included in this newsletter.

Newfoundlanders and the Allied Air Forces of the First World War (continued)
Dr. Michael Deal’s findings on the careers of thirty-four servicemen who ended up in one of Great Britain’s three air arms before the end of the Great War. Eleven are presented herein… continued from the Spring (Vol 53 No 1) edition.

In Brief: The CASM Beaufighter – from Slugger to Tugger to Slugger?
Some notes that may be worth considering as the long-anticipated CASM Beaufighter restoration project continues at Rockcliffe. By Terry Higgins

Russell Islinger reviews an Arrow-centric book that looks at it, and other Avro Canada projects, from a refreshingly different point of view.

In Memoriam
John Richard Ellis, A CAHS Founder. By Gord McNulty.

Journal 53-4 (Winter 2015):

CAHS 53 4 sidebar bannerThe RCAF’s UK-Built Hurricane Mk.Is – Part 1: The Acquisition Story
Author and researcher Carl Vincent traces the documentary history of the first Hurricanes to serve in the RCAF – the early Mk.Is built in the United Kingdom and imported into Canada prior to the advent of Canadian Car & Foundry’s production of the type.

Canadair’s Tutor-Emeritus – Part 6: The Ground Attack CL-41s
Bill Upton continues his coverage of the enduring Canadair military jet with this account of the ground attack version in prototype and production form.

Aviation Achievements Honoured at CAHF Ceremony
Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame historian John Chalmers presents his annual collection of historical summaries of the year’s CAHF Inductees.

The 52nd CAHS Annual Convention – Celebrating Canada’s Aviation Industry
Reporting from his hometown, Gord McNulty summarizes the aviation history presentations delivered to attendees of the event in Hamilton.

In Brief: The 75th Battle of Britain Fly-past in Ottawa
Veteran Canadian aviation photojournalist Andrew Cline reports from The Hill on another memorable Capital region annual aviation event.

With thanks!