Canadian Aeroplanes Celebrates 100 Years

Curtiss JN 4 Canuck propeller

Curtiss JN-4 "Canuck" propeller on turning lathe at Canadian Aeorplanes Limited factory, Toronto Ontario 1917-1918. Source: Canadian Aviation Through Time

On December 15, 1916, Canadian Aeroplanes was incorporated for the purpose of providing all aircraft required by the training schools. This past December marked the 100th anniversary since the Canadian Aeroplanes Limited was incorporated. The Canadian-based Imperial Munitions Board, an organization responsible for awarding war contracts to Canadian manufacturers, took over a small airplane manufacturing plant in downtown Toronto formerly used by Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Limited. But the expanding company soon outgrew this space and, by May of the following year, all operations had been moved to a new plant (still in Toronto). The well-known Canadian businessman F.W. Baillie led the company. F.G. Ericson, chief engineer of the Curtiss plant, was retained, along with most Curtiss employees. Additional workers were hired and eventually Canadian Aeroplanes had over 2 000 staff. Most of the employees were men, although women were hired to sew the cotton used to cover the aircraft fuselage and wings.

Source: Canadian Aviation Through Time