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Dear CAHS National Members:
After a patience-trying series of unanticipated delays in late 2016 and earlier this year, the first two numbers of CAHS Journal Volume 54 – the Spring and Summer editions of the 2016 publication year – are finally very close to mailing. Number 54-1 (Spring) is now at the printers while 54-2 (Summer) should be either in proofreaders hands or also at the printers by the time you read this. These two editions will be mailed (emailed, if you have an online-only type Membership) together once print production is completed, with an ETA just the other side of mid-April.

CAHS Volume 54covers

Work is also well underway on Numbers 54-3 (Fall) and 54-4 (Winter) with more than half of the feature articles for each now at some stage of layout or photo preparation. The finalized cover art is included in the illustration above. We are aiming to get these through to proofreading nearer the end of April / beginning of May and ultimately to print within a few weeks of that. I will provide an update on their progress, as well as for 55-1 (Spring), the first number of the 2017 publication year, in the next newsletter. Meanwhile, here are some details on those now closest to being in your mailbox / inbox:

Journal 54-1 (Spring 2016):

TCAHS 54 1 sidebar bannerhe RCAF’s UK-Built Hurricane Mk.Is – Part 2: Into Service with No. 1 (Fighter) Squadron
Carl Vincent resumes his account of the UK-built Hurricanes in RCAF Service.

Keep Them Flying: The C-119 Flying Boxcar, its Replacement and the Development of the RCAF’s Air Transport Capability
A penetrating look behind the scenes as a postwar Air Force brass copes with the acquisition of modern aircraft types to fulfill a very specifically RCAF heavy transport role. By Dr. Richard Mayne.

In Brief: The CPAL Canso A’s – Highlighting CF-CRV
Canadian Pacific Airlines Ltd chronicler, Bill Cameron, notes the changes made to his former employer’s small fleet of ex-military amphibious aircraft as they entered and progressed through civilian careers, with particular focus on Canso CF-CRV.
A small graphic essay of Canadian Vickers Canso A production is appended.

The Aviation Career of John A. MacNeil:
Tantramar Air Services and the Maritime Aviation Association
Son Don MacNeil provides an account of his father’s four decades in aviation under both civilian and military hats.

Historical Snapshot: Beaufort W6484 Answers the Call… Almost!
Elizabeth Vincent offers a brief glimpse at the RCAF’s very brief attempt to find a harassing Japanese submarine off of Canada’s west coast.

In Review
Philip Jarrett’s Sopwith Dove is reviewed by Carl Vincent.

CAHS 54 2 sidebar bannerJournal 54-2 (Summer 2016):

The RCAF’s UK-Built Hurricane Mk.Is – Part 3: The First Nine Months of War
The Second World War is no longer just a threat as Canada’s lone fighter squadron possessed of modern aircraft is mustered for battle. By Carl Vincent.

Keep Them Flying: The C-119 Flying Boxcar, its Replacement and the Development of the RCAF’s Air Transport Capability (Part 2)
Dr. Richard Mayne concludes his incisive analysis of the post Second World War RCAF’s quest for an air transport capability tailored to Canadian requirements – both policy and hardware decisions are examined.

Flying Boxcar: Canada’s One & Only Junkers Ju 52 Commercial Freighter
Author Jack Stiff presents an overview of Junkers Ju 52 CF-ARM’s decade of service with Canadian Airways and Canadian Pacific Airlines.
A detailed timeline table accompanies the article, courtesy of Terry Judge.

Canadair’s Tutor-Emeritus: Addendum 1 – The Civilian CL-41s
This is the first of a short series of three addendum installments that will conclude Bill Upton's exhaustive coverage of this iconic Canadian aircraft.

In Review
Patrick Martin’s Canadian Starfighters is reviewed by Kim Elliott.

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