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Dear CAHS National Members:
As you read this, proofreading for Journal 54-3 (Fall 2016) is just wrapping up and it is off to the printers. Meanwhile, the package containing Journals 54-1 (Spring 2016) and 54-2 (Summer 2016) will already have arrived in mailboxes (or email inboxes, as the case may be) worldwide.

With regard to the online versions delivered via email, please let us know if you have not received the 54-1 and 54-2 attachments, for we experienced a few “bounces” and invalid emails in the initial mass mailing and, while every attempt was made to correct email data errors and re-transmit, it is quite possible that we may not have addressed all such issues (it seems that there is no uniform clear protocol used by various internet service provides to let either the sender or receiver, or both, know about bounces, dropped attachments, or invalid email addresses). The covers for these two Journals are illustrated below for your reference. The initial mailings were done on May 5th and 6th, while re-transmissions of bounced individual e-mailings were attempted within the week following the bulk e-mailing.

CAHS Journal Spring 2016 cover1 CAHS Journal Summer 2016 cover1


Although very small in number, these email issues are a concern that, with your help, will be resolved by the time the online edition of Journal 54-3 is transmitted within the coming week or so (it is sent as soon as the mailing house lets us know the traditional memberships’ hard-copies are with Canada Post.

Here is a preview, with the table of contents, for that issue:

Journal 54-3 (Fall 2016):

CAHS 54 3 sidebar bannerThe Curious Case of Ernest Lloyd Janney and the Mysterious Disappearing Canadian Aviation Corps (Part 1)
The first part in an extensive examination of Janney’s career as both a real and imagined Canadian aviator. By Hugh A. Halliday.

Canadair’s Tutor-Emeritus: Addendum 2 – CL-41 Models & Proposed Variants
Bill Upton winds down the CL-41 Tutor / Tebuan history with a concise examination of the might-have-beens of the line.

M&C Aviation, SaskAir, and Norcanair (Part 1) – Richmond Mayson, Angus Campbell, and Saskatchewan Government Airways
Regina writer Will Chabun chronicles the history of Saskatchewan’s longest-lived airline from its bushplane beginnings.

The RCAF’s UK-Built Hurricane Mk.Is – Part 4: The RCAF Hurricane Is Overseas
The RCAF’s earliest Hurricanes cross the Atlantic for a second time, now as the equipment of No 1 (Fighter) Squadron, in the concluding installment of Carl Vincent’s detailed account.



In Review
Fred Hutcheson reviews All the Fine Young Eagles by David Bashow.


Work is also well underway in both layout and photo preparation for Journal 54-4 (Winter 2016). Contents include the continuation of Hugh Halliday’s “Janney” account, as well as the second and concluding part of Will Chabun’s history of the Saskatchewan airline that started life as a bushplane operation in the early 1930s. Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame (CAHF) historian and CAHS National Executive member John Chalmers returns with his annual illustrated review of the Canadian aviation notables inducted into the CAHF in 2016, while Yukon author Donna Clayson blends period history with a restoration story in chronicling the career of Fokker Super Universal CF-AAM. This is Donna’s first CAHS Journal contribution – those who enjoyed Jack Stiff’s recent article on Junkers Ju 52 CF-ARM (“Flying Boxcar...” Vol 54 No 2) will no doubt welcome Donna’s piece. To top it off, researcher Terry Judge also supplements Donna’s piece with a concise historical summary of the CF-AAM’s career.

The finalizing work on this Journal – one of three currently at some active stage of content development (see 55-1 and 55-2 below) – will resume in earnest once we’re back from the CAHS National Convention. To that end, thanks are due in advance to our all-volunteer CAHS Journal Editorial Board. They continue to do stellar work despite the elevated intensity of editorial activity of late. Likewise, we’re fortunate that both new and veteran contributors continue to submit material ranging from outlines and more detailed proposals to full manuscripts complete with images. Perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to add to that potential while attending the convention?

Drawing on the current repository, Vol 55 No 1 (Spring 2017) – our first Journal for the 2017 publication year – is shaping up nicely. Much of the written content is already blocked in and the search for additional images (the usual filling out or otherwise supplementing of the range of author-supplied photo coverage) is in progress.

Vol 55 No 2 (Summer 2017) is not to far behind it with content now shortlisted and proto layout work commencing. The remaining two 2017 editions look equally promising and varied. Hugh Halliday’s informative and entertaining account of the farcical Ernest Lloyd Janney will continue to its conclusion in Volume 55 while other subjects, ranging from interwar bushplanes and their operators to postwar Canadian naval aviation and our aviation industry’s early flirtation with V/STOL aircraft, are picked up. All should help keep us on track for catching up the publication schedule to actual publication dates before 2017 is over.

Our Journal is set to continue well beyond the end of 2018. While the current repository remains “healthy”, new material – potential feature articles, the occasional In Brief and Historical Snapshot item, photos, drawings, cover art, the whole gamut – is always welcomed. Have something to contribute? Please do get in touch.

With thanks!