The CAHS Sesquicentennial Book List

book list

By John Chalmers
CAHS Membership Secretary

The Canadian Aviation Historical Society decided to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday on July 1, by asking CAHS members to recommend books about Canadian aviation. The goal was to compile a list of 150 books. We have done more than that!

The list has 201 titles compiled by author’s name, title in italics, name of publisher and the year published. An example is:

Milberry, Larry. Aviation in Canada: The CAE Story, CANAV Books, 2016

The list of books includes publications from 1919 to 2017. It includes books from large and well-known publishers to small and little-known publishers, and books that have been self-published by the authors who had a story to share. Books named on the list cover every aspect of Canadian aviation from its very earliest days to the present.

Descriptions of the books were neither requested nor included. While most titles make it very clear what the subject is, other titles may only hint at the contents. Regardless of the topic, each book has been recommended as worthwhile reading, whether it be a book for a young reader or an authoritative reference on some aspect of aviation.

Some books have been produced by more than one publisher, sometimes with slightly different titles, and different dates. Effort was made to list the book under its original title, publisher and date. In a number of cases, not all information requested was received, so research was needed to fill in the blanks, and the internet was most helpful for that.

So where can you find books listed that you would like to read? Start with the author’s name. Check your local library, book stores and archival and aviation museum collections. If you can’t find what you want there, you will probably find the book you want with an internet search.

A great resource I used many times to check details is . It connects to an international network of book vendors that carry used and out-of-print books. In recent years I have bought many books through -- from Canada, the U.S., England and Australia. In compiling our CAHS Sesquicentennial Book List, I checked nearly all books named at that site. Nearly every book on the list can be found there!

To see our Book List as a Word processing document, click here.

The list is also posted as a pdf file in case you have difficulty in opening the word processing file. To see the list in pdf format, click here.

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Thanks to all who recommended books. Download the list and enjoy the reading!


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