The Canadian Aviation Moments were submitted by Dennis Casper from the Roland Groome (Regina) Chapter of the CAHS. The questions and the answers are now being published together in the same e-newsletter, rather than questions one month and the answers the next. We are hoping this instant gratification might encourage more interest and research by our readers. Spoiler alert - if you read any further than each question, you will find the answer to July's questions directly below. Good luck and have fun!

The Canadian Aviation Moments questions and answers for July are:

Question: What year did the Snowbirds begin flying air shows in the United States and begin wearing their distinctive red flying suits that became a Snowbird’s trademark?

Answer: “1973, Team Lead: George Miller. Show expands to include aerobatic formation maneuvers; formation changes are prohibited. Flies first air shows in the United States. Pilots begin wearing distinctive red flying suits that become a Snowbirds’ trademark .

Source: Snowbirds – Behind The Scenes With Canada’s Air Demonstration Team – Mike Sroka – Page 25

Question: What aircraft did the Avro Company modify to come up with the Model 626 Aircraft? What other functions besides initial flying training could the Model 626 perform?

Answer: “To satisfy the needs of air forces with limited financial resources, the Avro Company re-designed the Model 621 Tutor to make it suitable not only for initial flying training but also for bombing, photography, gunnery, wireless, night flying, navigation or instrument training as well. Although the machine remained a two-seater, a third cockpit or gunner’s cockpit could be provided aft of the second cockpit. The RCAF placed a follow-on order for the 626 after experience with the 621 model. These aircraft could be equipped with twin metal skis, enclosed cockpits and “Arctic” cowlings with controllable shutters.”

Source: Canadian Combat and Support Aircraft – A Military Compendium – T.F.J. Leversedge - Page 61

Question: How many personnel did the RAF establishment have on strength in Canada when the armistice was signed on 11 November, 1918?

Answer: “By the time the armistice was signed on 11 November 1918, the RAF establishment in Canada had a total strength of 11,928 all ranks. It was staffed by 993 officers and 6,158 other ranks, with 4,333 cadet pilots and 444 other officers under training.”

Source: Canadian Combat and Support Aircraft – A Military Compendium – T.F.J. leversedge - Page 23