I know this death notice isn't for one of our CAHS members but Mr. Hopton was definitely one of the brotherhood of aviation historians and I thought that our readers would appreciate reading about how our passion for aviation is not limited to our borders. We all share in our love for aviation and aviation history while also acknowledging the loss of those that share our passion.

Gary Williams

Hopton, John

On Friday 30 June 2017 an era came to a close with the death at age 77, of Aviation Historian extraordinaire John Hopton. John was a foundation member of AHSA and its offshoot the Moorabbin Air Museum being a life member of both. His collection of data and images pertaining to Australian Aviation History was accumulated over a lifetime of photography and diligent archival research making him an expert second to none. He developed his own method of storing and retrieving this data well before computers whose value he recognised and embraced as soon as they were sufficiently developed. John maintained a vast network of fellow historians globally, exchanging information and images, first by mail then via computer. A prolific contributor to our Journal his name can be found in hundreds of aviation books and magazines as a valued author and contributor. John was always available to assist and mentor those persons showing a genuine desire for help in any aviation research or writing. He had a photographic memory for things Aviation and Books, a wicked sense of humour and a more than passing acquaintance with music, the arts and wood work. Those of us privileged to have him as a friend and work with him closely found him to be scathing of less than perfect work but always ready to teach and help us overcome our deficiencies. John, by Government default was the one stop, "Australian Aviation Archive". Sadly we have lost a great historian, tutor and friend but, he will live on in the legacy of his work.

Written by fellow AHSA member, Roland Jahne