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Brampton-Caledon Airport Day proves popular

Photos and report by Gord McNulty

The colourful replica aircraft of the Great War Flying Museum highlighted a full day of aviation at the Brampton-Caledon Airport Day on Sept. 10. Sunshine and warm temperatures helped to attract a typically large crowd of Brampton-area residents to this annual event.

It’s encouraging that excellent progress is being made in completing the lengthy rebuild of the museum’s Fokker D. VII, C-GWWI. In fact, if all goes well, the aircraft is expected to fly next spring. This will be a much-anticipated occasion, as the D. VII was heavily damaged in an accident at Geneseo, NY, after an engine failure in 2007.

The aircraft is being painted in new camouflage colours representing a combat veteran with an unexpected Canadian connection. Lt Richard Kraut flew in these ‘RK’ markings over the Western Front in 1918. ‘RK’ was taken by Canada as a war trophy, flown from France to England in 1919, and then shipped to Canada. It became part of a growing collection of captured enemy equipment under the stewardship of Arthur Doughty, Dominion Archivist and Director of War Trophies.

‘RK’ remained in storage at Leaside/Armour Heights in Toronto, as depicted in artist Russell Smith’s fine portrayal, Spoils of War, commissioned by historian and vintage aircraft display pilot Edward Soye. Only a handful of war trophy aircraft were deemed at the time to be in fit condition to be kept. ‘RK’ wasn’t among them and was last seen in a scrap heap at Camp Borden.

The latest paint scheme will be the third for C-GWWI. It was originally painted in the white colours of Herman Goering, then in a blue and red scheme representing another famous German ace, Rudolf Berthold. It was in the Berthold identity when the misfortune occurred at Geneseo.

The history of ‘RK’ is described by Edward Soye in a new booklet by the Vintage Aviation Team (, of Caledon. It’s also making good progress in constructing a full-scale flying reproduction of another war trophy, Fokker D. VII 8609, that was flown by William Barker, VC, out of Armour Heights.

The most surprising aircraft at Brampton was a Sikorsky S-58T twin turbine helicopter, C-GFXP, fresh from a recent demonstration at the Canadian International Air Show. The rugged and versatile helicopter is flown by Four Seasons Aviation Ltd. ( of Toronto, together with mechanical construction firm Sprint Mechanical, to perform lifts on aerial construction projects in Toronto. Four Seasons acquired the newly rebuilt chopper from Texas-based California Helicopter Airways and began operating it in October 2016. It can lift cargo of up to 4,500 pounds. The S-58T, powered by a Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6 twin pack turboshaft, first flew in 1970. California Helicopter Airways has specialized in the support program for the S-58 and S-58T since then. Four Seasons is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


The Nieuport 28 replica of the Great War Flying Museum at Brampton on Sept 10 2017 Gord McNulty 

 The Nieuport 28 replica of the Great War Flying Museum at Brampton on Sept. 10, 2017.

Fokker D VII C GWWI outside the GWFM on Sept 10 Gord McNulty

Fokker D. VII C-GWWI outside the GWFM on Sept. 10.  The bottom wing was in the hangar when this photo was taken.

A trio of Great War Flying Museum replicas line up for demonstration at Brampton Caledon Airport Day Sept 10 Gord McNulty

A trio of Great War Flying Museum replicas line up for demonstration at Brampton-Caledon Airport Day, Sept. 10.

CHAA pilot Allan Paige in Harvard Mk 4 C FWPK takes a passenger for a flight at Brampton Caledon Airport Day Gord McNulty

CHAA pilot Allan Paige in Harvard Mk 4 C-FWPK takes a passenger for a flight at Brampton Caledon Airport Day.

Sikorsky S 58T C GFXP of Four Seasons Aviation Ltd at Brampton Caledon Airport Sept 10 2017 Gord McNulty

Sikorsky S-58T, C-GFXP, of Four Seasons Aviation Ltd. at Brampton-Caledon Airport, Sept. 10, 2017.