For those interested...

On 1st October my new "World War II Allied Aircraft Crashes in the Netherlands & North Sea" website was launched!

The purpose of the website is to help researchers, family members and any one interested, to search for detailed information about Allied Aircraft Crashes in The Netherlands and North Sea in the Second World War. Please note that not (yet) all crashes are available in the database, though it is gradually filled with more data. At present the database lists the information on 1363 crashed aircraft, 6457 crew members, and 630 cemeteries/memorials.

The address to go to is:






Any comments/corrections and/or more information is most welcome...
Greetings from Texel island,

Jan Nieuwenhuis

Note: The web site may also work on a tablet, but it's more difficult to handle because listing are not shown the way they should be (a common problem with tablets); You have to do more, in a not so easy way, to get all the data.