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Quietus: Last Flight

Quietus Cover2

The latest book from Anne Gafiuk, Quietus: Last Flight - Accident Proneness in WWII, Wartime Aviation Stories on the Canadian Home Front, was released November 8th, 2017, at Owl's Nest Books. Members of CAHS Calgary Chapter were there to help the book take flight. The foreword was written by Lt. Col. Martin Leblanc, Flight Safety Directorate, RCAF.


In 1948, Hugh Burns Hay, a decorated Second World War navigator returned to university to finish his medical degree. As a part of his studies, he requested sixteen pilots' files from the RCAF in an effort to identify 'accident proneness'. Generously illustrated, Quietus: Last Flight offers a unique insight into war on the Home Front in Canada, as well as a glimpse into post-war aviation research.

Books are available through Owl's Nest Books, the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, who are the publishers, and Anne Gafiuk.