RCAF Film Project

A message from Mr. Bob Barrett:

I am a director. My recent film series was A Nation Soars, a trilogy of 1 hr films celebrating Canadian pilots of the First World War. I worked with a great cast of RCAF alumni, and the experience was powerful. I would now like to feature the RCAF in a film of its own. This documentary would cover the history and role of the RCAF in Canadian culture. Mapping our country, flying commercial aircraft, leading in our communities, these are the contributions I wish to document. To this end, I'm trying to collect first-hand stories of Canadian aviators, beginning with those who served during the Second World War. Can you help us find some of these veterans? Sincerely, Robert Barrett, 416 518 3238 or write to:

P.S. The RCAF Association supports Mr. Barrett and his project to document the experiences and contributions of Canadian air force veterans during the Second World War. If you know of any such veterans or family members in your community, please write or call Mr. Barrett.