Eastern Air Command

My name is Tim Friese and I am part of the education program for Canada's Naval Memorial, HMCS Sackville. During our week's celebration in the first week of May, of the RCN's involvement in the Battle of the Atlantic, we make the public aware of the role Canada played in defeating the Axis powers and maintaining the constant flow of materials to aid Great Britain in its struggle against occupation and starvation. Sadly, we do not celebrate one branch of the service that was very important to the victory and that is the role of Eastern Air Command. This year I wish to try to remedy this by having a gathering of sorts to commemorate their achievements and perhaps have a veteran or two, be on hand for the accolades or at the very least, their family members. The problem I am having is trying to locate any EAC veterans, still alive and/or in the Halifax area. I was hoping you may be able to spread a little light on the situation by having some knowledge of any veterans still alive and potentially available for our tribute. I appreciate your time in aiding me in my quest and if you are ever in the city of Halifax, I would be honoured to give you a tour of the ship as well as to partake of a fine meal. Many thanks in advance, and have a very Happy New Year!

Tim Friese