CAHS Ottawa Chapter - Online Presentations

In September of 2017, the Ottawa Chapter started the digital video recording of guest speaker presentations including the presenter’s Powerpoint slides thanks to the skills of new member Glen Mathews. They've also been collaborating with the Canada Aviation and Space (CASM) Museum to have these presentations posted on the CASM web site for viewing by the general public. It is hoped that through the CASM web site the Canadian and international public will become more aware of the CAHS and perhaps take out either a local chapter and/or National membership. The first three presentations are now available online for viewing - click here.

A new presentation will generally be posted each month from September through May (except December) however some speakers may not want to be recorded as is the case with the January 2018 speaker. As each new presentation becomes available a synopsis of the presentation will be announced in this newsletter as soon as it is available for viewing.