Journal Report

Dear CAHS National Members:
Journal Volume 55 Numbers 3 (Fall 2017 cover date) and 4 (Winter 2017 cover date) are now being mailed together in the same envelope and should be with you shortly. The digital versions will be emailed to online members as PDF attachments shortly after this report goes to the newsletter editor.

With these final two editions for Volume 55 now in publication, work has resumed on Volume 56 starting with Number 1 (Spring 2018 cover date) and Number 2 (Summer 2018 cover date). I anticipate having these in the mail, most probably in another dual mailing, through March.

The later two editions of Volume 56 (Numbers 3 and 4, Fall and Winter 2018) are also in the works but at a less advanced stage. Nonetheless, some articles have been locked in and additional editorial/layout work will resume once 56-1 and 2 are with the printers.

Beyond that, we still have a good range of article submissions in house – some needing less post-submission preparation work than others. This will provide plenty of publishable material for Volume 57 (the 2019 publication year) and beyond, but more is always welcome, as it helps us maintain a wider range of subject variety (in terms of time periods and genres – biography, operational / industrial / commercial / technical histories, singular events, etc) on a per-issue basis. Please do get in touch if you would like to submit an article or photo essay of any size.

Meanwhile, here is a summary of the contents for the Fall and Winter 2017 editions now in the mail, and a preview of the Spring and Summer 2018 editions that will follow them soon …

Journal 55-3 (Fall 2017):

CAHS 55 3 sidebar bannerNASA’s Super-STOL Buffaloes: Part 2
AWJSRA – The Augmentor Wing Jet STOL Research Project
A summary overview of hardware and flight operations research activities undertaken by NASA Ames Research Center on the DHC Buffalo-based AWJSRA Proof of Concept aircraft. By Terry Higgins.

Winnett Boyd 1916-2017: Engineer, Inventor, Innovator, and Jet Engine Technology Pioneer
A welcome biographical account of an apparently underappreciated and important figure on the technology side of Canadian aviation history. By Brian McFadzen.

The Curious Case of Ernest Lloyd Janney and the Mysterious Disappearing Canadian Aviation Corps (Part 5)
In this, the concluding instalment, author Hugh Halliday continues to chronicle the postwar shenanigans of a civilian Janney through to obscurity and an unknown end.

Marginal Notes: A Popular Memoir of the First World War Casually Critiqued by one of its Characters
After a copy of the Great War classic, Wind in the Wires, came into his possession complete with tantalizing marginal notes, author Chris Shelley started down an interesting road of discovery, peeling back thin layers of fictionalization to reveal the true-life characters buried within.

Journal 55-4 (Winter 2017):

CAHS 55 4 sidebar bannerCanada’s Aviation Hall of Fame: Celebrating Canadian Aviation
CAHF Historian and CAHS Membership Secretary / National Director John Chalmers provides his annual summary of CAHF Inductees for 2017.

Pacific Western Airlines – A Quick Reference Fleet List:
The First 30 Years, 1945-1975
A comprehensive listing of the individual aircraft, from a surprisingly broad range of types, operated by one of Western Canada’s most storied airlines. Some two dozen period photos complement the tabulated data. Research and compilation by Ian M. Macdonald.

Aeroballistics Range Tests of the Avro Arrow:
A Lesser-known Investigation
Another interesting Arrow-related find from the papers of Avro aerodynamicist Ralph Waechter. By Dr. David Waechter.

NASA’s Super-STOL Buffaloes: Part 3
QSRA – The Short-haul Research Aircraft Project
A summary overview of hardware and flight operations research activities undertaken by NASA Ames Research Center on the DHC Buffalo-based QSRA Proof of Concept aircraft. By Terry Higgins.


The front covers for Journals 56-1 and 56-2 are shown in the image below. Although some content may be subject to change prior to publication, as it sits right now, they are set to include the initial instalments of extensive articles on the wood-winged Fokker bushplanes that saw widespread service in Canada and on the Canadair CL-84 Dynavert, as well as a wide array of stand-alone pieces.

CAHS Vol 56 1 and 2 preview banner

With thanks!