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Apollo 11

There is an excellent film currently playing at a few selected local theatres.

"Apollo 11" consists of 90 minutes of amazing original film footage that was shot during the first Moon Landing in 1969. There is a little bit of grainy black and white film, but most of it very high quality wide screen stuff. I find it amazing that they got such good footage, considering the equipment and state of the art away back in the Summer of 1969.

Lots of footage shot inside the space craft and also during the descent to the surface of the Moon and the takeoff and rendezvous.

No real plot or story, just Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

To view the trailer, click here. To view the film review, click here.

I went to see this nearly two weeks ago and there were only 9 people in the Silver City theatre at Coquitlam at the 7:45 showing, so I am surprised it is still running this week. I don't expect it to run much longer, so see it now if you want to see it at all.

Jerry Vernon

Here is Buzz Aldrin when I met him on a book tour at Metrotown many years ago........