2019 CAHS Convention and AGM

On behalf of everyone that attended the 2019 CAHS Convention and AGM at John Abbott College May 22 to 25, 2019, I want to formally extend my congratulations and thanks for a job well done to Jim, James, Dick, and all the others on the organizing committee for our 2019 CAHS Convention and AGM.

The convention, AGM, tours, and all the associated plans and events that you put together went off without any problems. Any issues that arose were dealt with quickly and I have heard nothing but praises from everyone that attended.

I want to especially thank the Montreal members that provided rides for anyone that asked, to and from the hotel, and between the airport and the college. Please thank Wayne Houlzet for the many trips he took to the airport on Sunday, insisting on nothing in return for his time and expenses. Everyone of the Montreal Chapter members showed us true Canadian hospitality and it was greatly appreciated.

I hope our 2020 Convention (wherever it may be) will be just as successful as this year’s. I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Blue skies,
Gary Williams, National President

I too am pleased with the time spent by all our Montreal Chapter executives, led by Dick Pickering over the past few months, to help make the Convention a success.

It was nice to see Pat recognized for his tireless work with L’Avion over many years.

Many thanks to our registration volunteers, Jane, Gisela & Diana, as well as the book fair team of Wayland & Ralph and our Sunday driver Wayne.

A special kudo to Ron for his work with Pierre Gillard to get the ENA venue, and George taking time for his “Lakeside Air Pageant” display at the MAM.

Chef Christian again planned & prepared a tasty BBQ at the MAM venue, which was well planned by John & Jim despite the rain.

Gilles co-ordinated the income & expenses without a hitch, even with the numerous last-minute walk ins and required refunds.

I also must compliment National efforts, especially Jim Bell for his work co-ordinating the event, including the 2 planning trips made to Montreal, and let's not forget Rachel Lea Heide for keeping track and paying the bills!

I apologize in advance should I have omitted mentioning a volunteer.

I do think this convention showed how National and each Chapter can work together for the common mission of the CAHS.

James Mason, Montreal Chapter President