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Alis the Aviator

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Thanks to everyone who has ordered the book already. The bulk order will be placed this weekend and the books shipped to you as soon as the CAHS receives delivery. Thanks for your support of the CAHS and the author Danielle!

The CAHS has partnered with aviation historian and former President of the CAHS, Danelle Metcalfe-Chenail, and her publisher to be able to offer CAHS members and friends a discounted rate for Danielle’s latest book. Alis the Aviator is a delightful and colourful children's (ages 3-7) book that teaches ABCs by using aircraft names. At the back, for parents and older children, it has a glossary that gives a description of each type of airplane mentioned in the book. The main character, Alis the Aviator, is named for the real-life Dr. Alis Kennedy, one of the first Indigenous female commercial pilots in Canada; the book includes a mini-bio of Dr. Kennedy for readers to get to know this inspirational woman.

Danielle has kindly arranged with her publisher for the CAHS to be able to sell the book as a fundraiser at a discounted rate. Retail price online and at your local bookstore is $21.99 plus HST. The CAHS is able to offer each hardcover book for $17.00 (HST included), plus $6.78 (HST included) shipping to Canadian addresses. This fun book is a great gift for parents and grandparents to buy for their loved one, or for local libraries, daycares, and Kindergarten classes.

The order deadline for this special offer is 20 September 2019.

To purchase your copy, click on the button below.

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