Journal Report

Dear CAHS National Members:
Journal Volume 56 Numbers 2 (Summer 2018 cover date) is now at the printers and should be in the mail within the next 10-14 days. Volume 56-3 (Fall 2018 cover date) is now in the proofreading process – the last step before hitting the press. Dependent on the printers’ schedule, if 56-3 catches up with 56-2 there, or at the mailing house, both will be mailed in the same envelope. If not they will be separate mailings. In either case, both should be with you before the Christmas Holiday. As usual, the digital versions of each for online-only members will be emailed shortly after mailing of their printed versions for traditional members has taken place.

Volume 56-4 (Winter 2018) and 57-1 (Spring 2019) are also coming along well – we are on track to get 56-4 in the mail before the Christmas Holiday. 57-1, and at least two of the other three 2019 cover date editions should follow at a similar rate within the first quarter of the new year.

Beyond that, we still have a good range of article submissions in house – some needing less post-submission preparation work than others. Although, this will provide plenty of publishable material for Volume 58 (the 2020 publication year) and beyond, more is always welcomed to help us maintain a wider range of subject variety on a per-issue basis. Authors of aviation-related biographies or singular events, or of operational, industrial, commercial, or technical histories, (examples of all of which are spread throughout Volume 56) are encouraged to get in touch with the managing editor at

Meanwhile, here is a summary of the contents for the current production Volume 56 Numbers 2 and 3:

Journal 56-2 (Summer 2018):

CAHS 56 2 sidebar bannerJet Aircraft Operation:

Early Work on Cruise Control and Computer Flight Planning
Based on his father’s work with Avro Canada, American Airlines, and Aero Performance Inc, Dr. David Waechter summarizes the early advances in flight planning as commercial aviation moved first into the jet age and then the computer age.

Includes an Informational Sidebar item on Avro Jetliner Fuel Consumption

Wooden Wings Over the Wilderness 2:
The Government’s Fokkers on the Hudson Strait Expedition and After
With focus on the aircraft involved, Clark Seaborn continues his chronicle of the wooden-winged Fokker monoplanes. In this instance those initially used by the RCAF on the Hudson Strait Expedition.

Includes a Photo Sidebar item on “The RCAF in Sub-Arctic Canada 1927-28.”

Also includes the first of a series of Scale Drawings (reproduced on the centre spread to 1/48 scale) covering the Fokker Universal and Super Universal series of aircraft.

The Croil Report
On a Visit to Operational Stations by Air 31 August to 4 October 1929
Hugh Halliday reproduces a period report by (then) Wing Commander George Croil, who wrote it after a month-long fact-finding tour to RCAF stations in the north and west.

Includes a Photo Sidebar item on Air Vice Marshal George Mitchell Croil during the Second World War period.

Canadair CL-84 – A Canadian Design Odyssey
Part 2: From Concept and Design to Development
After spending the better part of the 1950’s on a wide range of concepts aimed largely at potential US military contracts, Canadair narrows its for the new decade on a tilt-wing configuration that finally arrives at project number CL-84. By Bill Upton.


Journal 56-3 (Fall 2018):

CAHS 56 3 sidebar bannerTwas the Flight Before Christmas:
F/O Don Rollins of 407 Squadron, RCAF, Survives a Nocturnal Mid-Air Collision
Based on his father’s materials and official records, author Doug Rollins pieces together a Christmas story of a different bent – the freak head-on collision of two Coastal Command “heavies” over the target at night. All of the aircrew involved survived the encounter.

Operation Meteor:
Three RCAF NCOs, a Single Fairchild 71, and Six Months of Winter at 60º North
A first-hand account of an early RCAF weather reconnaissance operation, based just above the Alberta – Northwest Territories border, in less than ideal conditions for an extended period of time. By W/C Robert I. Thomas with notes by Carl Vincent.

Includes a Biographical Sidebar item “W/C Robert Idris Thomas and the Operation Meteor Crew” on the three RCAF NCOs and government meteorologist involved in this operation.

Canadair CL-84 – A Canadian Design Odyssey
Part 3: From Mockup to Prototype and Rollout
Bill Upton provides a wealth of rarely-seen photographs to accompany his description of CL-84 prototype CF-VTO-X, and the Canadair Experimental Shop work that produced it.

Includes the Photo Sidebar item “Canadair CL-84 Dynavert – A Prototype in Progress”.

Wooden Wings Over the Wilderness 3:
The Big Order for Standard Universals
More American-built Fokker Universals join the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register, starting with those for Western Canada Airways as it bolstered its bushplane fleet in the years immediately prior to the Great Depression. By Clark Seaborn.

Includes the Photo Sidebar item “G-CAIX – An All-Seasons Radial Fokker”.


With thanks to all involved in helping us bring this pair of Journals through to completion,