T-33 Silver Star Book

Review by Jerry Vernon

Silver Star ad smaller1Looking to get the book you didn't get for Christmas?

Pat Martin's T-33 Silver Star book is now available for sale.

It is profusely illustrated and has a brief history of every aircraft.

Contact Pat at either or (604) 530-1729 ...and yes, his CF-104 book and the others on RCAF and RCN aircraft markings are also still available.

I can tell you from personal experience that a lot of work went into this book, by Pat and many of his friends. One particular challenge was that many T-Birds were disposed of by both DND and NorthWest Industries for display purposes in museums, on pedestals, etc. In many cases, in particular those that went out of NorthWest Industries, they were shipped as a forward fuselage from one aircraft, a rear fuselage from another and the wings from a third one. They were distributed to museums, Legion Branches, RCAF Association Wings, Air Cadet Squadrons, etc... and in many cases the recipients painted them with the serial number as their Branch, Wing or Squadron number!! Seeing is not always believing!!

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