23 February 2020 – National Aviation Day

Did you know that 23 February 2020 is National Aviation Day in Canada? This is a great opportunity to focus on all things aviation by commemorating the past, celebrating the present, and advancing the future of aviation in Canada.

Canada has over 110 years of aviation history accomplishments and contributions, spanning the Silver Dart, First and Second World War flying aces, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, the Avro Arrow, and the North American Aerospace Defence Command participation, to modern-day Royal Canadian Air Force operations at home and abroad. Canada also has a significant aviation industry sector, which has included aerospace manufacturing; maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities; and the provision of pilot, technician, and air traffic control training. And Canada’s aviation endeavours have evolved to include the burgeoning domain of space, including the CANADARM, the RADARSAT satellite, and the Canadian Space Agency’s recent launch of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission in 2019.

The demand for aviation sector jobs is growing every day. Did you know that there is a global shortage of both commercial and military pilots? Globally, commercial airlines are expanding their routes and acquiring more aircraft. At the same time, over 40% of the current commercial pilots are facing mandatory retirement age over the next ten years, and over 50% of existing pilots will reach age 50 by 2024, which means this other half will be facing retirement by 2039. One industry forecast estimates that 804,000 new civilian pilots, 59,000 new helicopter pilots, 769,000 new maintenance technicians, and 914,000 new cabin crew will be needed globally over the next 20 years. US airlines alone predict they need to hire between 3000-4500 new pilots annually for the next ten years. If you are a youth looking for a career path, or if you are an adult looking for a career change, the aviation industry needs you. Check out this Transport Canada link for more information on commercial aviation sector jobs, and check out these links for more information on Royal Canadian Air Force job opportunities:,, and

So take the opportunity on 23 February to learn more about Canada’s aviation history or aviation jobs. We encourage you to surf the Internet and look up aviation-related historical facts, go to your local library and take out some fascinating aviation history books (check out some suggested titles at, watch some aviation movies, or visit your local museum and experience the lure of aviation artifacts in person. For example, check out the websites of the Canada Air and Space Museum in Ottawa, the Hangar Flight Museum in Calgary, and the Kitchener Public Library for their special events and admission rates for National Aviation Day weekend. Happy soaring!