Journal Update

Volume 56, Number 3 has exited print production and is now in queue at the mailing house where it will be mailed together with Volume 56, Number 4.

Volume 56, Number 4 is just about to go to final proofreading (most probably this weekend) and is slotted to enter print production at the end of next week. At the present time, we plan to have it mailed together with Journal 56 Number 3.

The digital versions of each of these will be emailed to all current online membership members within the same week that these two numbers are confirmed to be in the mail.

Three of the four issues for Volume 57 are also currently in the works.

Please visit the Journal page on the website for the latest information. Or check the Newsflash page for the latest postings across the entire site, including Journal updates. We anticipate having one or two more Journal-related updates online before the next newsletter.