VIMY 105

Three years ago this month, the Vimy Flight Team had a most marvelous adventure in France as part of Canada’s 2017 mini expeditionary force. The memories of that country and the people are etched forever in our minds.

In a time of coronavirus, we have no concept of what a new normal might be when this dreadful plague is finally over... But a thought of gathering two years hence at Lens Benifontaine Airfield for Vimy 105, has been broached.

For those who are able, such a meeting, once more, in the land that hosted, with the people who welcomed, would be proof that Remembrance efforts made on behalf of Canada’s First World War Fallen, can and will endure.

vimy tribute

Click here to view the CPAC documentary: A Nation Soars – Flight Path of Heroes

The past and present come together during a flying celebratory road show that spans two nations and two treasured anniversaries of nationhood. Vimy: Flight Path of Heroes adds to the visceral and visual impact of two significant dates in Canadian history: our 150th anniversary of nationhood and the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.