The CAHS Manitoba Chapter will be hosting an online presentation via Zoom at 7 pm CDT on Thursday 30 April and all CAHS members across the country are invited! Their topic this month will the the development and technical aspects of what is likely to be the last Canadian-designed jet airliner, the Bombardier C Series. The C Series is a technologically advanced aircraft with composite wings and Pratt & Whitney geared turbofan engines, which give outstanding performance and fuel economy. The aircraft has been ordered by several major airlines, including Air Canada and Delta Airlines. Unfortunately the aircraft's protracted development nearly drove Bombardier into bankruptcy and the project was sold to Airbus, which dubbed it the Airbus A220. Our speaker is Manitoba Chapter president Jim Bell, an Air Canada aircraft maintenance engineer who spent most of November and December learning the A220's systems in detail. The meeting poster is here.

Since this is their first attempt at a Zoom video meeting, no doubt there will be glitches. In order to minimise these, they will have a trial run on Thursday 23 April at 7 pm CDT. You can sign up for either or both presentations, but you will be able to attend only one.

Because we are limited to a maximum number of attendees on Zoom, you must register here. Please sign up early. Information for joining the meeting will be sent to attendees by a separate email.