From the home office of the president.

This has been a tragic couple of weeks for our Canadian military. The crash of our CH-148 Cyclone helicopter from HMCS Fredericton off the coast of Greece with the loss of six members of our Air Force and Navy was followed by the tragic loss of the Snowbirds’ Public Affairs Officer, Captain Jenn Casey and injuries to Captain Rich MacDougall, Snowbird 11, on May 17 in Kamloops. On behalf of all the members of the CAHS, I have sent sympathy cards to Colonel Ron Walker, CD, Commander of 15 Wing, CFB Moose Jaw and Lieutenant-Colonel Mike French, Commanding Officer, 431 (AD) Squadron, 15 Wing, CFB Moose Jaw. Although we celebrate the rich history of Canadian aviation, we also stand with our military in times of tragic loss of those who defend our Canadian way of life and freedoms.

Gary Williams
National President