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CAHS Membership Renewal and Donations

Good Day CAHS Members,

We here at the CAHS hope that this message finds you well and able to stay safe during this very uncertain time. Hopefully, the slowdown in daily activities has meant you can take more time for yourself, reconnect with friends and family, and perhaps even read more!

Our work at the CAHS has not slowed down. Our editor and editorial committee are using their extra time during the COVID-19 pandemic to try to make some significant progress on catching up on our Journal production delay. Our editorial team, printers, and mailing house were able to get two Journals out just as the national quarantine began to happen. We trust that these Journals have arrived safely by now.

If you needed to renew your membership, we included a renewal form and noted your expiry date at the top of the President’s letter. We have also been able to send out renewal reminders by email to many of you (email reminders for a 2019 expiry date still to come). We have found that renewals since the last two Journals went out in March have been coming in slower than usual. Perhaps this is because people have been shut in due to the quarantine and have not been able to get stamps or travel to the Post Office? You can renew online (paying with your credit card or Paypal) at the following link:

As a charity, we are not-for-profit, so our membership and donation income is very important for our being able to have enough money in the bank to keep up with our monthly and quarterly bills. We need our members who still need to renew for 2018, 2019, and 2020 to do so in a timely fashion. Even when people are behind in renewing for a year or more, the CAHS still has had 100% of its operating costs for 2018, and 2019, and even now in 2020. Perpetual costs include maintaining and expanding our website; producing, printing, and mailing out the CAHS Journal; mandatory insurance policies; website domain and maintenance; and fees for the preparation of our annual audit and CRA submissions. This year, we will not have extra income from the convention or our convention merchandise fundraiser. Not having your renewal money means we have been dipping into the cash float we try to keep as a cushion in our bank account.

Donations are also an important part of our funding streams, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could consider donating to the CAHS to help us maintain our bills, website, and Journal production. You can donate online (paying with your credit card or Paypal) at the following link:

If you would prefer to mail a cheque or credit card number for your renewal or donation, you could can download the PDF version of the membership form here or the donation form here. If you choose to mail your renewal, we ask that you email our treasurer (Rachel Heide) for her home address. Due to the stay-at-home / no non-essential travel policies/recommendations, our treasurer is not checking the CAHS Post Office Box as often as before, so mailing to her home address will ensure quicker processing of your renewal.

If you would like to check on your membership expiry date or record of past payments, please feel free to email our treasurer, and she would be happy to update you on you.

Cordially Yours,
The CAHS Executive