By Sheldon Benner

On October 24, 2019, CAHS was invited by Centennial College to attend the unveiling of their Donor Wall at the Downsview Campus Centre for Aerospace and Aviation. The location is the site of the original DeHavilland of Canada plant started in 1929. The main purpose of the Donor Wall is to honour the people, corporations and institutions that have donated funds and equipment to the College in the amounts from $25,000 to $1,000,000+ to establish the new and expanded aviation training facility at the Downsview site.

The Chairman for the ceremony was Allen MacLellan, Dean of the School of Transportation at the College. Dr. Craig Stephenson, President and CEO of the College expressed his gratitude to those that so graciously donated to achieve the new facility. Words of thanks to the donors were also offered by Andrew Winchester, a scholarship winner and an Alumni member of the College and then followed by Karam Jet Singh, President of the Student Association.

IMG 1817 545

Chairman Allen MacLellan, Dean of the School of Transportation

IMG 1819 545

Donor Wall at Centennial College, Downsview Campus Centre for Aerospace and Aviation

Then on November 20, 2019, I also represented CAHS at the Annual Student Awards Night at Centennial’s Progress Avenue campus. This is when the graduating student selected by the College in the aviation maintenance course is presented with the Douglas MacRitchie Memorial Award sponsored by CAHS National.

The format of the award presentation has changed over the past few years and is now performed as a moving assembly line. I didn’t have much of an opportunity to speak to last year’s winner except to offer her our congratulations on winning the $500 as we were quickly marshalled to the reception line on the platform at the front of the hall. Further she did not stay after the presentations and I wasn’t able to get any information on her future plans in the aviation industry.

The 2019 winner was Ms. Sawsan Zaher.

Douglas MacRitchie Memorial Scholarship 2019 20 Sawsan Zaher

Douglas MacRitchie Memorial Scholarship 2019 20 Recipient with Sheldon Benner

Platform view L to R: S. Zaher, S. Benner, A. MacLellan, unknown, Dr. Stephenson, Bruce MacRitchie