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Avid aviation photographer Douglas Broadribb

Longtime CAHS member #2155 Douglas Broadribb, better known as Doug to his friends, passed away at his home in Hamilton on April 4. He was almost 87.

Doug, a native of Brantford, ON, built an impressive collection of thousands of prints and slides. He inherited his love of aircraft from his British-born father, E.O. “Ted” Broadribb. Ted Broadribb served throughout the First World War in the Royal Flying Corps and later in the Royal Air Force.

Ted came to Canada in 1923, working in aviation in Toronto, Chippewa, Hamilton and Brantford. He settled in Kitchener and was airport manager and chief engineer of the Kitchener-Waterloo Flying Club. Ted guided the club through the dark days of the 1930s, growing it from one aircraft to eight as the Second World War loomed. Admired for his training skills, faith in the club and belief in flying, Ted died suddenly at 43.

Doug was a good friend of Chapter member Osborne Love, CAHS #80, who first met Doug more than 35 years ago when they attended air shows. Doug exemplified keen enthusiasts who, cameras in hand, loved the action of an air show or fly-in and conversing with colleagues on the latest news.

Doug grew his photo collection as he travelled with Os Love and Gord McNulty to enjoy aviation activities throughout southern Ontario and adjoining American states. Over the years, he met CAHS stalwarts such as Jack McNulty and Bob Finlayson and built friendships with top photographers such as Gus and Clara Corujo, Frank Ertl and more.

Doug attended Toronto Chapter meetings regularly and was a longtime member of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. He was a long-standing employee of the Liquour Control Board of Ontario, serving as store manager at various locations in Hamilton and Dundas until his retirement.

Doug was predeceased by his wife, Bev, in 2013. He leaves two children, three grandchildren and two greatgranchildren.

Doug’s friends remember him as a very personable colleague, fine gentleman and a devoted family man. As Os Love said: “He will be missed.”

CT 114 Tutor 114019 D Broadribb

CT-114 Tutor 114019 in Golden Centennaires colours, celebrating Centennial of Powered Flight in Canada, at St. Thomas, ON, Air Show June 21, 2009 (D. Broadribb).

The 2009 Demo CF 18 188719 D Broadribb

The 2009 Demo CF-18 188719 with 'Hawk One' Canadair Sabre of Vintage Wings at  St. Thomas, ON Air Show, June 21, 2009 (D. Broadribb).

Bucker Jungmann C FLAE D Broadribb

Bucker Jungmann, C-FLAE, replica of 1930s Luftwaffe basic trainer, at Guelph, ON Tiger Boys Fly-In, September 2007 (D. Broadribb).

Globe Swift C GLYN D Broadribb

Globe Swift, C-GLYN, flown by legendary Fern Villeneuve, Member of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame, at Guelph Tiger Boys Fly-In, Sept. 2007 (D. Broadribb).

Bellanca Cruisemaster C FGLQ D Broadribb

Bellanca Cruisemaster C-FGLQ, flown by Larry Quinton of Collingwood, at Guelph Tiger Boys Fly-In, Sept. 2007 (D. Broadribb).

Titan T 51 Mustang C FZSR D Broadribb

Titan T-51 Mustang C-FZSR, three-quarter scale replica of the legendary P-51, at Great War Flying Museum Fly-In, Brampton, ON, Sept. 11, 2011 (D. Broadribb).

Gusair 1 545

Doug Broadribb and Clara Corujo enjoyed a visit by the Commemorative Air Force B-29 "FIFI" at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in 2018.  (Gus Corujo photo)