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In Plain Site: A Biography of the RAF Airbase
at Caron, Saskatchewan

3 d book illustrationOrdering Deadline Extended! The Canadian Aviation Historical Society is pleased to promote the book of CAHS Member Joel From, entitled In Plain Site: A Biography of the RAF Airbase at Caron, Saskatchewan. Joel is generously making autographed copies of his book available to the CAHS family at a discounted rate: $22.50 for a softcover or $36.50 for a hardcover, plus $15.00 shipping for each copy (whether hard or soft cover). Purchases can be made at the CAHS website.

order nowLimited time offer –
Please place your orders by 20 Aug 2020

In Plain Site is the first life-cycle biography of a Second World War air training facility in Canada. Readers with an interest in aviation history, flight training, Saskatchewan history, the RAF, or Canada's impressive war effort will be interested in this book. It begins by locating the Royal Air Force (RAF) station at Caron, Saskatchewan in the debates surrounding air training in Canada, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, and the UK’s plans to relocate its primary air training to Canada. It offers a detailed history of the Caron site as well as the herculean efforts to acquire, erect, and modify its facilities. Based on interviews, published sources, and meticulous archival research in Canada and the UK, In Plain Site provides a comprehensive chronicle of Caron’s selection and development, air training operations, after-hours activities, and the struggles of its personnel to make sense of the Canadian prairies. Readers will be intrigued to learn how and why the RAF came to Caron and how scores of civilians from southwestern British Columbia made an important contribution to its success. Supplemented by numerous photos and extensive endnotes, In Plain Site offers a compendium of Canadian and Allied wartime achievements, all of which ought to be brought back into plain sight.​ For more details about the book and his research, check out his website at

For anyone wishing to purchase multiple autographed copies with discounted shipping, please contact Joel From directly directly through the Contact tab on the book's website ( Book prices will be $25.00 (for the softcover) or $40.00 (for the hardcopy), plus the discounted shipping based Canada Post rates. If anyone wants a special inscription (whether you purchase through the CAHS offer or directly from Joel From), please contact Joel directly through his website.