From the Desk of the Treasurer - Need for Your Continued Support

The CAHS Executive is extremely grateful for everyone who has come forward in the past couple of months with renewals and donations to help the CAHS maintain its capability to operate. Your generosity is so encouraging and is helping us keep up with immediate financial commitments. Nevertheless, looking just months down the road, we are still in financial need. The CAHS has maintained 100% of its operations on the Journal, the website, the e-newsletter, and the behind-the-scenes administration - all of which incur costs. The income sent to the CAHS for renewals and donations this spring and summer was less than 50% of what was received by the CAHS in 2019 over the same period of time. Unfortunately, this decrease in income over our first and second quarters continues to affect our ability to carry out our operations for the rest of the year, especially on our largest cost – printing and mailing all the quarterly journals scheduled for production this year.

We ask our members who still need to renew for 2018, 2019, and 2020 to do so as soon as possible. You can renew online (paying with your credit card or PayPal) at the following link: If you would prefer to mail a cheque or credit card number for your renewal or donation, you can download the PDF version of the membership form here or the donation form here. If you choose to mail your renewal, we ask that you email our treasurer (Rachel Heide) for her home address, which will ensure quicker processing of your renewal. You may also email her to inquire as to your membership status.

Donations are also an important part of our funding streams. We would greatly appreciate it if you could consider donating to the CAHS to help us maintain our bills, website, and Journal production. You can donate online at our website (paying with your credit card or PayPal) at the following link: Do you know of a corporation that would be interested in, or is in a position to, support the CAHS through a Corporate membership or a sponsorship donation? It would be greatly appreciated if you could reach out to your corporate donor network and advocate supporting the CAHS financially. More information about corporate membership is available at the link

Christmas is just two weeks away. Do you have some aviation enthusiasts on your shopping list? Perhaps they would be interested in a Canadian aviation art calendar for 2021? Or perhaps an aviation history book? The CAHS has items for sale that serve as fundraisers for the CAHS, but are also at great/discounted prices for you. Please see the sales we are highlighting in the newsletter below. Our full sales offerings can be viewed on our website at and

Thanks again for your support of the CAHS, especially as we try to find ways to continue our operations and Journal production during the added mental and financial stress of COVID-19.

Cordially Yours,
~Dr Rachel Lea Heide
CAHS National Treasurer