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From the home office of the president

I have good news and sad news for you. First the sad news. I am so sorry to say that this will be one of the last newsletters published by our editor, Lisa Ruck, who is retiring. Lisa has been a constant, dependable, and fantastic editor. We will miss her dedication and passion for everything she does for the CAHS. On behalf of every member and supporter of the CAHS, I thank her for bringing us the stories and updates every month. We are now working to find someone to take over as newsletter editor.

The good news is that our appeal for financial support has been embraced by so many of you and we are getting closer to a solid financial position. We aren’t fully airborne yet but, the sky is looking a lot clearer than it did just a short time ago.

Many chapters have been conducting their meetings via Zoom video, and the Regina Chapter for one, has been recording them and placing them on the CAHS national website. What a great way to share the many chapters presentations with everyone.

Please continue to stay safe and healthy. We will make it through COVID-19 with everyone working together, following the health guidelines, and looking after ourselves, our families and our friends.

Gary Williams
National President