The Canadian Aviation Moments were submitted by Dennis Casper from the Roland Groome (Regina) Chapter of the CAHS. Good luck and have fun!

The Canadian Aviation Moments questions and answers for September are:

Question: What unit has the motto Per Ardua Ad Astra and what does it mean?

Answer: “The name of the RCAF may have changed, but the commitment, endurance, and readiness to serve the country’s needs that marked its past achievements persists. It is enshrined in the RCAF motto: “Through Adversity to the Stars”.”

Source: The Nova Scotia International Tattoo 1999 – Page 15

Question: Who proposed to the War Office in England that Royal Flying Corps squadrons could be raised and trained in Canada? When was this proposal made and was the Government of Canada in favor of this proposal at this time?

Answer: “Meanwhile, Canada’s minister of militia, the mercurial Sir Sam Hughes had been won over to the view that Canada should participate in an air-training scheme; no longer was the airplane the creation of the devil, Hughes now saw it as vital to winning the war. In September 1916, Hughes was in England, where he made an offer to the War Office to raise and train Royal Flying corps squadrons in Canada and place them at the disposal of the Imperial Government.”

Source: Dancing In The Sky – Page 32

Question: How many RCAF flying squadrons were there overseas? How many of them were heavy bomber squadrons?

Answer: “These RCAF units were governed by RCAF regulations, procedures, and chains of authority. Eventually there were forty-seven flying squadrons overseas, including fourteen heavy bomber squadrons.”

Source: NO PROUDER PLACE – Page 47