Airlift to the Top of the World

Check out our latest CAHS-supporting discount book offer, Airlift to the Top of the World, a well-written account, accompanied with illustrations throughout, covering a relatively little-known RAF operation in the High Arctic in the early 1950s. The story opens with the involvement of Danish Naval Air Service (later Royal Danish Air Force) Cansos in Greenland and includes a few other Canadian connections further on.

Limited time offer – Please place your orders by 4 December 2020 if you are concerned about having it delivered before Christmas.

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Publisher, Linden Hill, has extended to us a limited time offer to sell this new book at a discount in Canada as a fund-raiser for the CAHS.

The publisher's retail USD retail price is $26 (about $34 CAD, not including shipping or any other import costs if purchased directly from their online site).

We are offering this book for $27.00 CAD (GST included) plus $5.00 shipping a single copy, or $6.00 shipping for two copies, in Canada.

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