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Do you find yourself searching the sky when you hear the sound of an aircraft engine? Are you interested in Canadian aviation history, as well as the aircraft and people who made it? Then the Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS) is the place for you!

We have a diverse membership from across Canada and the world, and our members include both those who have lived the history and those who are documenting it for future generations. A quick look at our members’ pages will uncover a community that shares your interests, can assist you with your projects, or can help tell your stories.

Both online and traditional members receive the following benefits:

  • Four issues of the CAHS Journal each year. This publication offers articles and news about the people and planes that made Canadian aviation history, as well as rare artwork and photography.
  • Site-wide access, including full-text PDFs of all available Journals.
  • Monthly e-newsletters to let you know about CAHS national, chapter, and member events; aviation history in the news; and updates to our website.
  • You and one guest receive a members' rate for the annual convention.

Coming soon for members:

  • Searchable online databases full of aviation history facts.
  • Aviation photos, videos, and articles.
  • Interactive forums where you can ask aviation history questions and post responses (and other items!).

To become a member, please visit our Become a Member page!

cahs brochure 2014 frontcahs brochure 2014 inside

Hard copies of this brochure are available and we would be happy to send you, your organization, or your chapter free copies. Please contact us for more information.