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Spring 2000 (Volume 38 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “The Alaskan Adventure; The Genesis of 111(F) Fighter Squadron” by L. Wise
  • p.14 “Ab Initio to World Class ; Canada’s Bid as a Jet Engine Leader (Pt 1)” by P.B. Dilworth
  • p.22 “RCAF Station Whitney” by S.B. Shaw
  • p.24 “The Norseman on RCAF Photo-Survey Operations (Part 2)” by W.R. McRae


Summer 2000 (Volume 38 Issue 2)

  • p.44 “Ab Initio to World Class; Canada’s Bid as a Jet Engine Leader (Pt 2)” by P.B. Dilworth
  • p.52 “1942; The In-Between Year” by A.B. Wahlroth
  • p.62 “The Rebirth of a Legend ; Restoration of Avro Anson RCAF 7401” by B.W. Gowans
  • p.66 “Republic’s Misjudged Amphibian” by A.G. Wingate


Fall 2000 (Volume 38 Issue 3)

  • p.84 “A Tech Rep in Korea: Adapting the DHC-2 Beaver” by B. Best
  • p.94 “The Knob Lake Airlift” by F.W. Hotson
  • p.102 “Ab Initio to World Class; Canada’s Bid as a Jet Engine Leader (Pt 3)” by P. Dilworth
  • p.114 “On Defining ‘History’” by F.H. Hitchins


Winter 2000 (Volume 38 Issue 4)

  • p.124 “How I Learned About Bush Flying” by L.O. Carroll
  • p.136 “The Skeena Queen Mystery” by D. Septer
  • p.138 “Canada’s Liberator Conversion Programme” by N. Malayney
  • p.144 “Forced Landing!; An Engine-Out Experience” by M.E. Servos